Old Timers


I have noticed in many players including myself, that after 6 months or more without playing chess, and restarting with any amateur player that losses are frequent, I want to know how to resume playing chess without having to relearn the game as far as reading the opponent and starting to win frequently again. 


The only way is to mix cucumber, parsley , cabbage, charcoal and fennel in equal parts by volume, add tumeric and cayenne pepper to taste.

Juice it up. Find a cat skin ( freshly skinned) , soak the skin in the mixture you've just juiced. Wrap the skin around your head before going to bed.


roll in catnip for 25 minutes.


I'm 63 and didn't know about the Floating-Duck trick. I'm going to try that tonight. Thanks.


The easiest way is to play a bunch of weaklings and then slowly build it up. (On a side note your not old)