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    Just curious.How did you get your user name ?

  • #2

    Sorry, i don't understand the question ?!

  • #3

    Toundyracer here.30 years raceing stock cars and sprints.So the name kinda fits.Now do you understand.What do you call yourself online?

  • #4

    I'll pass.... this being a family oriented site. Laughing

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    ? I got mine from chess ?


    ? Get it?


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    English is not my mother tongue, so i'm not sure i understand all. But Jampop comes from Jamiroquai who i like much, and Jamiroquai do pop music, so Jampop. One guy takes username Jampop before me, so Jampop100 is my username.

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    Jampop100 you explained yourself very well.So your English is good.Thanks for the reply.What is your first language ?

  • #8

    French !

  • #9

    I took French in the 4th grade over 50 years ago.Sorry I can only speak a few words.Thanks for the reply.

  • #10

    I play the Grob a LOT as White. I also love Godzilla movies. You can do the math.

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    My previous usernames were atomichicken and nuclearturkey and there were many hilarious suggestions on a thread as to what my next handle should be. :)

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    the+real+pro = theREALpro. UnderstandER?

  • #14

    Mine is self-evident.

  • #15

    My parents gave me my name. It is like that over here.

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    Thanks to all.Interesting!!!!!!!!!!!


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