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Wesley So's Schedule

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    1.   2010 Asian Continental Chess Championship in April 20-30 2010 @ Subic.

    2.   2010  BATTLE OF GRANDMASTERS  May 24 - 31 2010  Tagaytay City

    3. Jun 20 - 30 ASIAN BATTLE OF GRANDMASTERS Manila (to be confirmed)
    4.   "Rising Star Vs. Experience" 11th-23rd of August  2010   NH Grand Hotel Kransnapolsky in Amsterdam

    5.   World Chess Olympiad 2010 Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia 19-Sep-2010   

    6.   2010 SPICE Cup  October 28 - November 7,  2010.  Texas Tech University, Texas, USA.
    7.  16th Asian Games 2010 Guangzhou , China 12-Nov-2010 27-Nov-2010 

    Besides those tournaments, Wesley may play in Europe on July. It's gonna be strong closed European tournament. No details available yet. There's also a proposed Wesley So vs Anish Giri 6-game match, but nothing concrete yet.

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    Click link above to learn more about GM Wesley So

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    The coming tournament this 20th is a very strong tournament, with chess powerhouses China and India sending some of their best players. The top 4 will qualify for the World Cup.

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    Tongue out I'll persuade him, if chess.com makes a new article featuring Wesley.

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    5 days to Asian Individual Championships. With top Asian players such as Ni Hua, Yifan Hou, Sasikiran and the hotstreaking Le Quang Liem of Vietnam.

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    Does anyone know if there will be coverage of the AIC? Thanks.

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    Oh, i forgot to add the strong Dubai Asian Club championships. Last year Wesley won gold on board one ahead of Karjakin.

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    "After the Asian Continental in Subic, Wesley will play in the Battle of GMs to be held in Tagaytay on May 24-30.

    Next will be the Asian battle of GMs, were top GMs from China, India, Khazakstan,Vietnam and the Philippines schedule for June 20-30.

    Wesley will play in Biel chess festival in Switzerland on July 18-28. He will play against the like of Vachier-Lagrave,Caruana, Wang, Rodshtein & Giri.

    After the Biel chess festival, Wesley will proceed to Amsterdam for the NH tournament (Experience vs. Raising star) to be held in NH Hotel in Amsterdam on August 11-23. The experience players will be composed of Gelfand, Ljubojevic, Nielsen, Svidler & Van Wely. While the raising star will be led by Nakamura, Caruana, Giri, Howell & So.

    Wesley will then play for Board 1 for Philippines chess olympiad team to the 39th chess olympiad in Khanty Mansiysk on Sept. 19-Oct. 04.

    After the Olympiad, Wesley will fly to the U.S.A. for the spice cup group A chess tournament in Texas schedule on Oct. 28-Nov. 07. Six man double round robin tournament with Onischuk, Meier,Robson, Perelshteyn, Wesley and soon to be announce six man.

    In November 12-27. Wesley will lead the Philippines chess team in the 16th Asian games in Guangzhou, China."

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    BW-SugarDom wrote:

     I'll persuade him, if chess.com makes a new article featuring Wesley.

    do it! even better, ask him to write a few. Do writers get paid on this site?

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    What's his upcoming schedule for 2011? I've recently discovered his game and I like his potential.

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    Is ChessTrainor going to be accompanying Wesley ?

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    Atos wrote:

    Is ChessTrainor going to be accompanying Wesley ?

    Who/what is that?

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    LastImpression wrote:
    Atos wrote:

    Is ChessTrainor going to be accompanying Wesley ?

    Who/what is that?

    It is a famous personality in the world of chess coaching.

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    I see.

    Any chance Wesley breaks 2700 this year?

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    Next up for young Wesley So is Wijk aan Zee, in about a week. Hopefully he prepares well for this tournament, so he can win the whole thing and join his contemporary Anish Giri and the big dogs in Group A next year.

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    drawn 2 games so far...

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    again another draw after 3 rounds...looks like he won't be able to win group B this year

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    He's within a point of leader Luke McShane with still plenty of matches left. As long as he doesn't lose a game, he's got a chance to catch up.

    BTW after Wijk aan Zee comes Aeroflot within a couple of weeks. Hopefully he can perform well there too, maybe get a ticket to Dortmund by winning.

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    3 consecutive victories - vs. Ganguly, Fressinet (2707), and Navara (2708) - for a joint first with McShane and Efimenko, but the highest TPR so far.

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