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What strenght ?

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    Hey all, my mom said that she played chess when she was young and that her dad and her uncle played too.

    From what I know, she would have been around 750-800 fide rated.

    However, she told me that her uncle was playing blindfold chess and beat her and his dad all the time (She thinks that he was a medium and played throught mediumnity ).

    I'd estimate my grandfather (the dad of my mother) to be around 1400 fide rated.

    At least how much rated a player needs to be to beat a player rated 1400 95% of time, blindfolded?

    I am just wondering what strenght was my ''grand uncle''

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    about 300 points stronger (1050-1100).  presumably without the blindfold much stronger than that (maybe 1500+?)


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    300 points stronger than 1400, not 750-800 XD.

    With blindfold, how much?

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    Same deal, about 300 points stronger (~1700), corresponds to 95% of the games usually.


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    Yeah but in the 1700, the blindfold isn't counted?

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    Your great grandad was good.  I don't think a rating system even existed back in those days, though, so trying to give him an arbitrary rating is really kind of an exercise in futility.

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    tacticop wrote:

    Yeah but in the 1700, the blindfold isn't counted?

    Not your original question but if he's playing ~1700 blindfolded, he ought to manage ~1900 or so if he can see.


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    Oh gosh, I wish he was still alive to play with him :L


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