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Which GM's have you met in person?

  • #181

    John Fedorowicz, Pal Benko, Bent Larson, George Koltanowski, Nicolas Rossolimo.  I have played against Fedorowicz and Larson.  

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    Add Sergey Karjakin to my list.
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    Finegold, Erenburg, Oratovsky, Bryan Smith. A bunch of others like Kaufman, Ringoir, Kraai, and Paragua often play in the open tournaments around here but I've never had conversations with them.

  • #184
    Add David Navara to my list.
  • #185
    Move Hansen and Elshan to my friends list...
  • #186
    Gata Kamsky
  • #187

    Samuel Reshevsky, Walter Brown, Yasser Seirawan, Joel Benjain, Ben Finegold, Sergey Erenburg. Talked with them all. Gata Kamskys father Rustam and I talked for a half hour in 1993 in Philadelphia. Just the 2 of us there smoking cigs. I didn't talk to Gata, he was playing at the time but Rustam advised me on how important family is and how i should go back home to be with mine. I'd moved away at 19. He seemed very nice and compassionate. Journalists twist stuff and can make people they never met look bad in print. Anyway, I certainly could've met and got to know Gata but never did. I will always believe he would've been world champion if he hadn't quit. He did win real matches against both Anand AND Kramnik.

  • #188

    Jacob Aagaard

  • #189

    I played GM Jan Gustaffson when I gave a simul against 20 GM in Germany. I played 20 GMs (Najditsch, Rapport, Lagrave etc etc.). He was the only GM who won his game against me...

    I'm kiddingwink.png it was Gustaffson who gave the simul. He crushed me...

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    I met and played against Daniel King many years ago, he was the British GM at the time and a really nice guy too happy.png

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    I'm going to stretch the topic a little because my parents were friends with a British IM (not GM but he did beat Botvinnik and had been British Champion) in his 60s in our village who it turns out was once a codebreaker in WW2 (google Bletchley Park and GCHQ). He never mentioned it and they only found that out when they read his obituary. Apparently he was never allowed to play in tournaments in Eastern Europe in case the KGB got him. Dad always said never judge a book by its cover because of this.

    Which has nothing to do with this discussion ... sorry!

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    Still a really cool story.
  • #193

     Met Spassky.

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    Redlynx17 wrote:

     Met Spassky.

    wait what!


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