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Which GM's have you met in person?

  • #181

    Chris, yes. I sat almost directly opposite him for a three course dinner, with my two other team members.  The only thing I can remember eating is 'wilted spinach'. I can't remember what we talked about though. My brother still has the move card, and I'd like to look at it. We actually gave him a tough time before he ended us!

  • #182

    (I mean, clearly we didn't give him a 'tough time' not being international GMs, let's put it that way, but has was playing a room full of simultaneous games and we were touched with genius for like two moves).

  • #183

    John Fedorowicz, Pal Benko, Bent Larson, George Koltanowski, Nicolas Rossolimo.  I have played against Fedorowicz and Larson.  

  • #184
    Add Sergey Karjakin to my list.
  • #185

    Finegold, Erenburg, Oratovsky, Bryan Smith. A bunch of others like Kaufman, Ringoir, Kraai, and Paragua often play in the open tournaments around here but I've never had conversations with them.

  • #186
    Add David Navara to my list.

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