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Who is the Best Chess Player of All Time?

  • #1

    If all the top players of all time (for example, Capablanca, Kasparov, Fischer, Carlsen, Alehkine) were gathered together in a touranment during their prime years, who would you expect to win?

    Let us also assume they are all up to date with chess theory as well.

  • #2

    I think the only thing I've come across more redundant than this question is U.S. soldiers saying they kill people for our freedom.

  • #3

    I would bring houdini and win.

  • #4

    Kerry Shirts.

  • #5

    troll bait

    it wasn't Fischer for sure

  • #6

    Morphy, Capa, Alekhine,  Fisher, Garry K, and  Carslen.


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