Who is the greatest chess player of all time ?? Bobby Fischer ??

kindaspongey wrote:

"The champions tournament held in 1948 to decide the next world champion ... was won by Mikhail Botvinnik with Vasily Smyslov in second place. ... The Soviet Union would, from that point until its dissolution in 1991, dominate the game at world level. Botvinnik went on ... to become the first Soviet world champion, the beginning of a continuous line of Soviet players to hold the title that was only broken for a few years in the 1970s by Bobby Fischer. ... What made the difference was the system of state sponsorship put in place by the Soviets to train and develop their chess players, ..." - The History of Chess in Fifty Moves by Bill Price

True but even that is a partial picture.

Many overlook the fact that Alekhine wasn't born in Paris, nor did his family emigrate to France when he was 5 or 10. He played under the French flag later in life, but he was still the product of the soviet chess school, he was born and spent his formative years there.

Even after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 the dominance of Russian (or ex-Soviet) players didn't really end until 2007. 

So in fact we're talking about nearly 70 years of dominance interrupted by one man, Bobby Fischer.


alexander alekhine is the best player of all the time