Chess 2


Good news today! Today, I'll introduce you chess 2 - by Oats Jenkins! 

Aim: Capture both the king and the queen, putting them into jail. 

- Fish: Just move like a king in Shatranj, but captures diagonally

- Elephant: Move 2 squares diagonally. No jumping.

Must capture when possible.

- Crow: Can fly around the chessboard. Can capture pieces 1 adjacent square (diagonals don't count) and can only do this in the very next move after a piece of its color was captured

- Monkey: One space in any direction. Can also swing over pieces.

Any piece of any color where a monkey can normally move => that monkey will swing over

A monkey can swing until there is no pieces that the monkey can swing

A monkey can also stop swinging

A monkey sees an enemy on the other side can capture it

When this happens, that monkey stops or online, double click the monkey (at anytime) to stop

- Fish Queen

Just like a queen in Chess 1.

- Queen

Like the Fish Queen, but putted into jail when captured

- King

Putted in jail when captured

Both kings start the game with a banana

In jail with a banana: A monkey can save the king by swinging to the king

Then, the king loses the banana then the monkey (or the other monkey) can do this

This process is called "Back-in-Game".

Back-in-Game doesn't work with the queen.

- Bear

Start on the middle of the board, when these squares interject

Both players can control it.

At first, it can move to one of these four squares.

Then, it can move like a king. 

It can't capture, but can be captured or swung over

Be happy playing your first game of chess 2!


it is fun


I 100% recommend it. link is here



better than real chess


what is the layout


Thanks for sharing!


But why is it called chess 2?


because it's a chess sequel


very fun game