Colour Chess


Hi all,

We've just launched Colour Chess on iOS & Android, the free to play mobile version of the tabletop game of the same name.

It adds a colourful new layer of strategy to classic Chess, by allowing you to control your opponent through the use of a coloured board.

It's been enjoyed by beginners (winner of a Family Games award from Imagination Gaming) through to Masters (Mensa nominated and part of the Mind Sports Olympiad). 

Give it a look if you fancy a new challenge!


Will be there a computer opponent ?

Will be there a Lure too ?


Hi iRio,

For now it's online (live and correspondence options) and local pvp, as well as some preset challenges / puzzles. 

Computer opponent and Lure are on the list for the future. 


It is really great variant. For every colour board is needed another strategy.


Thanks iRio, glad you're enjoying it!



I've played a bit on the app and I must say, I think this is a very fun variant. It's just a bit of a shame, that usually I find it hard to find an opponent and would have to wait a long time. 24 hour/move games is not really my thing since I can't play every day.


@tomnorf, are you one of the inventors and developers of this variant? if you want, I could create a club for this variant on Then I could invite some members to that club that might be interested in this variant.


plz post the rules here



It's easy to learn the rules by just trying out the game on the app. I had some misconceptions at first, such as that you are unable to make both of your moves to the same color (it is mentioned, but I missed it).


Hi Togepi: The full manual for 'Colour Chess + Lure' which has a whole load of variations based on the coloured board is available here:

There are some additional variations here that didn't make it into the manual:

Hi Martin: Yes I am the inventor and thank you for checking out the game. If you are up for making a group that would be brilliant thank you. We've got some media coverage and some events coming up (like the colour chess world championship in August) and we'll keep working on building up the player base so it's easier to get matches. 


just read the rules! seems fun


I created the club:

I am very interested to see how the popularity of this variant develops.


Joined! Thanks for doing that, it's much appreciated. 


Its fun. 😊

i like it...