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Bulldog chess with Witch (Menamedwert - Donkey256)

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    This thread is for a game of "Bulldog Chess with Witch" between Menamedwert and ZacharyChiaMin

    Game rules:
    Board: 10 x 8 (see image below).

    The pieces:
    Guard (G) - Moves and captures like a king.



    Witch (W) - The witch is transparent to friendly pieces, and she also makes all adjacent pieces (friend and foe) transparent to friendly pieces (but pieces are not transparent for the witch). The witch does not capture other pieces, but she can be captured. Although pieces are not transparent to the witch, she is very agile; she combines the movement of queen, knight, and can jump orthogonally and diagonally two squares. Transparency of a piece means that other pieces can move, attack, and capture right through the piece.


    Board Setup:


    Note the position of black's king and queen are switched compared to classical chess. This is so the guard and witch are equal distance to each player's king and queen.

    The rules of castling are similar as in classical chess, however, with the board 10 squares wide, the king travels three squares rather than two. The rook finishes adjacent to the king (white: d1 or h1; black c8 or g8). All squares between the king and the involved rook must be unoccupied, with the exception of the witch (a witch is transparent to pieces in her own army so castling across the witch is allowed).

    Other rules of this game are identical with rules of classical chess.

    Menamedwert plays White. Good luck to ZacharyChiaMin and Menamedwert!happy.png

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    I'm here........

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    I would develop the Witch as early as possible, as it opens lines and diagonals quickly for other pieces before pawns have moved.

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    can i Watch?

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    Can anybody stop you from watching?

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    SuperSam1 wrote:

    Can anybody stop you from watching?

    I dunno

    I just need the TD to agree with me


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    Vickalan, what's the time limit?

    (3 days is best for me )
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    foofooes wrote:

    ...I just need the TD to agree with me


    Yes anybody can watch games. I even think games are more fun when there is an audience, but people should not post comments about moves, because it might help one opponent or the other.

    Also (to answer menamedwert's question), time control is 3 days per move - faster play is preferred but not mandatory. If an opponent doesn't make a move by the third day, a public "time alert" should be posted. If after one more day no move is made, he is a no-show, and he forfeits the game.

    Other rules for these games can be found (here).

    Board update:


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    Vickalan, how many days has it been?
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    Zachary's last move was two days ago. Just check the time stamp on his last post:


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    3 days ago now
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