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Bullet 960!

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    This might be the incredible breakthrough of a lifetime, Bullet 960! It will be interesting to see how players set up opening pre-moves in this environment. Personally I'm terrible at 960 myself, but I'm not to shabby at bullet, I've just discovered today after my 12 or so games, winning maybe half or more. I know bullet is a different sloppy, time game, but I might have an addiction on my hands. Don't worry (like you would), I'm playing plenty of slow games, standard games and beer games (well, any game after 5:30 PM EST is probably going to be a beer game, no you don't have to have a beer I'll take care of that). So whattaya think about bullet 960?

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    In fact ICC has Bullet 960.

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    y2721 wrote:

    In fact ICC has Bullet 960.

    Oh man, another invention of mine already taken, like the internet. A pox on that Al Gore fellow.

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    I would absolutely love bullet 960.

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