Chess 960 Live chess?

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    Can someone please please set up a chess960 with me! Add me as friend or challenge I don't mind. Any time, any rating. Just need to see it works. And yes, I do have the app so can play it. :)
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    I bet my return to being a diamond money on playing 960live...
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    Started this thread in 2009... finally had a game... hadn't realised the new site had gone live for free members.... 

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    What is the difference between chess 960 and regular chess?
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    MatthewA-05 wrote:
    What is the difference between chess 960 and regular chess?


    The starting position is different. Pawns in the same place but the back row is randomized, with the same  position on both sides. There are some rules for how they are actually placed and the the name comes from there being 960 valid starting configurations.


    Castling is also slightly different, due to the changed positions, but the king and appropriate rook go to the same squares the would in a normal casting situation.

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    Go to v3 (
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    It is already there In

    Look at the bottom of the page for a link that says "Try the new". here you can play live chess960.


    also in chess app

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    This is awesome. I waited 3 years for 960 to be added and now its here nobody will play me lol.

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