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Chess on an Infinite Plane (hitthepin - captaintugwash)

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    It’s time for me to give up...
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    I resign.
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     Fair enough, gg.

    You're losing hawk anyway before I run out of ammo and begin development of chancellors.

    19. Nx(4,0) Q(9,-2)+

    20. king moves - queen checks along 7th file (there will be a square I can use)

    21. king moves - Q(7,-10) and that hits hawk and chancellor.

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    The queen is a savage piece. Even without the hawk, she can still pick up pieces.

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    When I get some time, I intend to make a post about the queen, in particular relating to  control of the centre from (4,24).


    That'll probably be in a day or two.

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    I just want to say thank you to vickalan for taking the time to moderate.

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    Thanks captaintugwash, and congratulations! It was a great game!

    @hitthepin: I just lost a game recently also. I'm beginning to realize there are so many ways for opponents to launch an attack, and if you don't consider all possibilities, your opponent can surprise you with a combination you didn't see. I learned a lesson, and need to study all positions much more closely.

    Anyway, this game was really fun to watch. I have a busy day again today, but I'll post a medal for captaintugwash and update this (this thread) later today.


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    Gg captain! Very very well played
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    Oooh a medal!


    Thanks hitthepin.

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    Great game! Medals to the winner, @captaintugwash, and to @hitthepin for being an excellent opponent:


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    Good grief!  LOL 

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    How to I get back to my own dimension?

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    MENTAC wrote:

    How to I get back to my own dimension?

    I neglected my regular games on gameknot while I played this game, and now returning to them, it's like... what is this tiny board?

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    So true right there.

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