Tournament Summary - Chess on an Infinite Plane





So far we have the following players:


Round 1 games:
game 1: HaleBopp2017 - vickalan (start: May 18, 2017)
game 2: Ulfhednar1234 - friedmelon (start: July 17, 2017)
game 3: Farmer2013 - SuperSam1 (start: August 1, 2017)
game 4: open


Other out-of-tournament games (started before tournament):

White        Black     result
cobra        vickalan  Cobra wins
mayapira     vickalan  Mayapira wins
bowlinggreen vickalan  vickalan wins

Player scores:

             win lose draw score      
cobra        1   0    0    1/1 = 1.000
mayapira     1   0    0    1/1 = 1.000
vickalan     1   2    0    1/3 = 0.333
bowlinggreen 0   1    0    0/1 = 0.000


After tournament contest (Challenges to Tournament winner):

A player's score is used as a basis to challenge the tournament winner. Games before tournament can be used as part of a player's record.

Players can challenge the champion with the following conditions:

a) They must have at least one "level 2" win. This means they have won at least one game against an opponent who also has a win.

b) If a player previously played the champion but lost, he can challenge the champion only if his score has improved since his game against the champion.

c) If there are multiple qualifying contenders, the player with the highest score can challenge the champion. If this player is idle (not in a game) and does not challenge the champion within 7 days, then the qualifying contender with the next highest score can challenge the champion.

d) A tie in score is broken first by judging the scores of player's opponent, and then by the number of games won as Black.

A champion normally plays White (unless he requests Black). A champion that does not accept a challenge and begins play within two-weeks forfeits the crown.

See (here) for specific rules of play by online correspondence.


Comments welcome. Two open slots are still available!happy.png


I want to play



Awesome! One more player in the tournament!

Does anyone want to play against Silvertruck?

If no players within 2-3 days then I would like to play against you. But I can't start until about next Tuesday. Thursday I'm doing some travelling, and will have limited internet access for several days.

So look for a game (either me or another opponent) sometime around middle of next week.happy.png


blitz.pngblitz.pngblitz.pngFriedmelon wins the round-1 game and advances to the semi-finals!!!blitz.pngblitz.pngblitz.png


Updated bracket is below.

There is one open slot still available. This is the last chance to enter the tournament. If no players, then I will play Silvertruck (start the game in a day or two).

I'll give new players priority in entering the tournament rather than me, since I'm already in a game with HaleBopp.



I want to play


Is Bronzetruck and Silvertruck the same person, or are different players able to play against each other?

If two people, then Bronzetruck plays against Silvertruck.

If the same person, then I can play, so Bronzetruck plays against Vickalan.

Either way I'll setup a thread for the game, as soon as I know who's playing.happy.png


I have two acconts


Ok awesome!! The tournament is full!happy.png

The last game will be Silvertruck (White) vs. Vickalan (Black). I'll start a thread for it tomorrow.

(I guess since it is the same player either Silvertruck or Bronzetruck can declare moves. But let me know if you prefer one name to be listed on the topic thread, and the bracket)


The game between silvertruck - vickalan is (here). I'll add the latest names to the bracket soon.

We have four countries: 4 players from the U.S., and also Norway (HaleBopp), Russia (but already out), and China (Friedmelon).

Friedmelon is already in the Championship game for bulldog!!! Is he China's secret chess weapon???shock.png

vickalan wrote:


Hey! After I started a game with foofooes, you made it a tournament.


Here is the bracket updated, showing game #4 (silvertruck vs. vickalan):



I'm in this tournament in two positions, but am withdrawing from the game-4 position (Silvertruck was a no-show). The winner of Farmer2013/SuperSam1 will move directly to the Championship game. See updated bracket below.



Public Announcement:

vickalan wins game 1 and will play friedmelon in the semi-final game (HaleBopp is a no-show at move 14). I'll setup a thread on or about September 25 for friedmelon vs. vickalan.

Yay! I get to play Friedmelon.grin.png



The thread for @friedmelon vs. @vickalan is (here).😈


Supersam1 wins on October 2 in the first-round game against farmer2013. Due to withdrawal of the game-4 bracket, Supersam will play the winner of (vickalan vs. friedmelon) in the Championship game! Updates are shown in this bracket:


Congratulations to Supersam1!happy.png



I bumped this thread so the discussion of starting other games can be discussed here instead of the game between @friedmelon and me.

A new game was started between hitthepin and me (here). @PixelByPixel can play the winner of our game but these games can last a long time. If anyone else wants to play against PixelByPixel a new game can be started. Anyone?

Btw, notice that these games can be slow. We aren't playing fast, but the game between @friedmelon and me started 9/24 (see above). It's now 3 months later and it feels like the game is now just getting into the mid-game!😝

Not even the middle of the game yet.

Yes, I agree. We're actually still in development, with an interesting queen conflict on the 8th rank. The game is (here) if anyone wants to jump to it.happy.png