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Chess on an Infinite Plane (hitthepin - vickalan)

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    28. (2,3)
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    The queen was hanging for six whole moves anyway until hitthepin moved the king, I assume that's what the "wow" comment was about.

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    Oh... I don’t feel so good.
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    Well, it was a good first game. I resign.
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    Wow. This is...I don't know what to say. (Other than "That 'Fix You' song is extremely overrated.")

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    This is sad.
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    For me. :(
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    Ah, don't be sad. I screw my games up too. Everyone does. It's natural to make mistakes. You got this! wink.png

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    Gotta do better next time.
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    Speaking of doing better, I just lost three games in a row.... And I have a local chess tournament starting tomorrow morning. I guess I'm just tired. Sometimes the best thing to do is take a break.

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    Very good advice.
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    Thanks @hitthepin, gg.happy.png It's interesting that Black's queen-side chancellor made four consecutive knight-moves, capturing the queen at move 28:

    I was curious to see how many moves it would have taken to attack the queen if the Chancellor used only rook-moves instead. That would have taken five. I suppose it shows that for center-of-the-board battles, the knight often can be a strong piece when the board is still crowded. (diagram here):


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    A medal for @hitthepin for being a great opponent, and being one of the first players to learn and play infinite chess on the chess.com forums!


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    Thanks and gg.
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    GG, good job guys! So nice to watch!

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    This is hardly an infinite plane. 

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