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Chess on an Infinite Plane - Team competition!

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    I would like to start this game with the teams already proposed above, and I like your idea of gaining additional experience of playing from other color.

    I did get one move idea from teammate already, but I didn't think about it yet.

    All players: remember in this game time control is 1.5 - 4 days per move. That is to allow time for team members to communicate before each move (we are in many different time zones).

    I will start a new thread for the game tomorrow, and we will announce our move.happy.png

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    I'd like to play too!

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    MarkiplierFan739 also sent me a PM and wants to join Black.

    HorusTheThird - we are glad you will join - will you join Black? Then each side has 4 players.

    White is me and Vickalan, Dariuscmk, and Smurfisme (4 players).

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    Yeah! we have 4 players on each side. I started a new thread (here) for the game.


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