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Chess960 Explained!

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    Order: King, Queen, Bishop, Bishop

    White xxxx Black xxxx

    Setup ID uses file numbers

    Setup Code uses files letters

    For final starting position above

    Setup ID: 5234 5347

    Setup Code: EBCD ECDG

    Always from whites perspective starting from A file.

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    A more advanced concept.

    Based on symmetrical king transfers.

    Board reflects along vertical axis, so square d4 and e4 reflect, a1 and h1 reflect, etc

    A more advanced topic based on the table of 108 random possible setups for each player.

    There are 54 pairs in the 108 positions that reflect with each other.

    The setup is double random so total starting positions = 108 x 108 = 11,664

    There are groupings as well based on King and Queen

    Groupings and reflection are used for reduction: for opening preparation, chess databases and chess engines.

    Here is an example of reflection, only the King and Queen have changed position, it is the Sicilian but played on the other side of the board on the dark central square for White.

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    Rest in peace Bobby



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    So, I guess your purpose in pursuing spammers on this thread was to make room for your own spamming? wink.png

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    It was never the plan man.

    I never planned to publish today.

    Only because of certain things that happened.

    If I am lying then GOD please strike me down dead.

    Stephen P. Gallacher

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    Please start a new thread for your variant. I think it will get the attention it deserves there.

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