does chess 960 change the way we play chess?



Currently I am in a chess 960 tournament ( of course) and I see a lot of peolple giving up rooks for no apperant reason. If it only happened once I wouldn't take notice, but it has happened in almost half of my games. is there a reason behind this? are pieces worth different ammounts  in chess 960?

Also in chess 960 I (and my oppnent) just send out pieces one at a time or two at a time. The pieces don't work together like they do when I play normal chess. is there a reason for this?


chess960 confuses me


Great question nonowho. The way we play Chess960 is very similar to standard chess there is hardly any difference. It's just that some situations require us to think a bit differently. The relative value of the pieces is so dependent on their ability to do work on the board (their freedom of movement and their ability to hit important locations). Sometimes rooks get jammed in behind other pieces relative to bishops and in those situations, a bishop can become almost the same value if not more than a rook. Most of the time, the value of a rook is exactly the same as in standard chess SP518. It's just in some more unusual situations that rooks become less valuable. The relative value of pieces in Chess960 is a fascinating area of study there is no question!

If your pieces are not working together, what happens is that in some Chess960 openings, if you make one wrong move a chain of events unfolds where your pieces get all uncoordinated. In those situations there is not much that you can do and so you try to make the best of it. We just have to go back after the game and see how we could have developed the pieces more harmoniously.

Whatever. Enjoy, have fun and keep learning Nonowho.


PS) Softbabe remember that if Chess960 confuses you, it will also be confusing your opponents. Just have fun!


 that explains a lot Thanks!!  Smile


I think it's just people tend to blunder more in 960 because the positions are unfamiliar.


I've got a blog going for Chess960. There are so many situations where it is possible to give up a rook for a bishop, that nonowho's question at the start of this thread still stands!

Here is an example situation:



I luv 960...  Its like the opening book moves are gone......You have to think originally from move one.