knightmate chess


Knightmate chess could be considered as one variant here in F


I think the more major variants (suicide, crazyhouse, bughouse) are on the to-do list, but for more minor ones there just isn't enough demand. But you can play all variants manually in this group.


I would love it if had Knightmate. It's a really interesting game.


People that want to play less common variants like Knightmate live on-line, are of course welcome to use my Internet Chess Server for this. Amongst the supported variants there are:


Spartan Chess


Courier Chess

Seirawan Chess

Gothic Chess

Capablanca Chess

Grand Chess

Great Shatranj

WinBoard or XBoard can be used as graphical interface for all of these games; just select "Use Internet Chess Server" at startup. The IP address of my server is .

As these variants are not in great demand, you should not expect to find anyone on the server that you could challenge, and you would have to bring your own opponent, or play by appointment.