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    I feel like starting a chant for 960 live interface. I am not sure what good it would do, but I am curious if anyone else may echo my sentiments or perhaps have some similar idea.

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    Live 960...Live 960... Live 960 The chant has been started.

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    Seriously, to whom it concerns at, I think it would be a wonderful idea. We could even have 960 blitz, etc. I am in love with 960 and I think the experience would be more complete with Live 960 capability.

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    I would happily pay a membership if got 960 on LIVE CHESS!

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    Wow, that's some good cannon fodder... I think that it is a great training exercise as well as a cool game. Plus, its more difficult to cheat at 960. Let the votes roll in.

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    I'm with you too
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    ...all at once, everyone pound on the table and yell....we want dessert, we want dessert...

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    No wonder they haven't created a live version of 960...

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    I vote yes. I love 960 but strongly fdislike days long correspondance: live IS the way.

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    Live 960 virtually makes it impossible to cheat. It will be obvious for someone to have to take 5 or more minutes at the begining of a game to set up the position, for their engine to analyze, to tell them the best moves to make. This isn't so in standard chess or even online 960.

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    That would be awesome and I imagine it will be available on some point.

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    bullet 960 i can hardly wait

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    I had heard from the staff a few months back that 960 Live would be introduced in 2012.
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    I haven't given a  thought before now, but I love the idea of 960 blitz, there isn't a way for anyone to memorize the moves ahead of time. It really would level the playing field. I think bullet is more about how has faster reflexs and better equipment,connection,etc...

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    I would be glad to pay a membership if implemented live chess960.

    However I'm doubtful that it will happen.

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    Bullet 960 would be so fun, seriously. I'll add to the chant.

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    Yes please! That's the reason why I always end up on Chess Cube. In fact I decided today to resign my paid subscription to because I spend most of my time over there now.

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    960 live would be awesome

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    agree add me I would love a go at this

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    Thinkthank wrote:

    Live 960 would be a wonderful development for And If it happens, we must reward with buying a membership. 

    I already bought a year diamond...

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