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Looking for Opponents/Games?

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    Horus's witch has also been captured!


    (image from Newcastle Libraries, England's Grievance Discovered in Relation to the Coal Trade, 1655, by Ralph Gardiner. Image in the public domain because the copyright has expired.)

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    smurfisme wrote:
    I will play will-n


    I started a thread (here) for a game between you and will_n. The bracket is full so this game is for points only (to calculate your score to see if you can challenge the champion later on). Bracket with points games is below.

    (Also thanks for the challenge, but too busy to play another game. But I can update board diagrams fast, so will do for your game once or twice a day).happy.png



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    Friedmelon advances!

    Game between will_n and smurfisme drawn by agreement.

    I also noticed Will_n is from North Korea. (really?)

    Updates here:


    Games with the zombie (aka "ghoul") are now allowed in 1st and 2nd level tournament play (piece and rule options by friedmelon and Arjun). After 1 or 2 low-tier games it might be admitted for championship-level games.happy.png

    Since two games have finished, I can moderate one new game. Post a comment here if anyone would like to play.

    (Note: I'll be on vacation July 27 - 30 and will travel with laptop, but probably not be able to post more than once a day. Please allow a slight delay in updates during this time.)

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    Would anybody like to play me in a game of Bulldog with Witch?

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    Or chess on an infinite plane?

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    Yes, I'll play. Which one would you like to play? Either of the games you mentioned is fine with me. From July 27 - 30 I will be on vacation, so the game has to be on-hold for a few days. I hope that will be Ok with you.

    Also, ZacharyChiaMin and dariuscmk: I've seen you post messages at some game threads. Leave a message here if you'd like to play a game. Probably we can find an opponent for you.happy.png

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    Bulldog with Witch sounds good to me. Do you have any preference?

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    That's perfect. Bulldog with witch is a little more normal, and really fun to play. The games last about the same as a normal chess game, but the witch really adds some interesting new strategy.

    You can also see there's a tournament going on. It would be fun if a new player (the "underdog") can rise up and challenge the future champion. That would be really spectacular in this forum. But of course, I want to be the champion too.blitz.png

    I'll start a thread for our game soon. You can play white.happy.png

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    Ok, thanks!

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    I can manage another game.

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    Okay can i play you?

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    Evert823, you'll play ZacharyChiMin, right? As soon as you confirm I'll start a new thread.

    This will mean we would have two side-games going on. (I'm also playing SuperSam1 in a side game). Any future champion is going to have competitors climbing-up trying to steal the crown!


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    I'll play anyone who wants to in a game of chess on an infinite plane.

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    SuperSam1 wrote:

    I'll play anyone who wants to in a game of chess on an infinite plane.

    I might start a tournament for chess on an infinite plane too. Current games include:

    HaleBopp vs. vickalan (at move 10)
    Ulfhednar1234 vs. friedmelon (at move 4)
    SuperSam1 vs. (open)
    (open) vs. (open)

    Previous games have included:

    mayapira vs vickalan (mayapira wins)
    cobra91 vs vickalan (cobra wins)
    bowlinggreen vs vickalan (vickalan wins)

    Since Mayapira and Cobra have won previous games, they would have rights to challenge any future champion.happy.png

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    Certainly! Can we add the Dwarf?

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    What's the dwarf?

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    My latest invention: moves like a King, without royalty, but you can only capture a Dwarf if you're attacking it with two or more pieces.

    I'm afraid this might be a very strong piece.

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    Three players are thinking about playing a game, but the game to play is not decided yet. Games that I can moderate include variations of bulldog and infinite chess. Bulldog would be a side-game for points, and infinite chess will probably be a first-level game in a tournament.

    If anyone would like to try Evert's idea of a Dwarf, here is one possible starting position. The dwarfs start on b1 and i8. Guards start on i1 and b8. Each side has two siege-towers (same as pawn, but pieces of its own color can move across it).


    This is close enough to bulldog so it can be played for points to qualify to challenge the future champion. I'll also be happy to modify it if someone has other ideas.

    Let me know and a new battle can start soon!happy.png

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    I'll play.

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    Ok great, a new game - the first ever game of "Bulldog with Dwarf".


    Evert explained the rules for the Dwarf.

    Siege-towers have the same power as a bulldog (just a different graphic). This is the rule for them: Moves and attacks the same as a pawn, except pieces FROM ITS OWN ARMY ONLY can pass over it in any direction. If a siege-tower reaches the 8th rank it can immediately move to any square in the first four ranks (but cannot capture during this move). This move can only be completed during the same move it reaches the 8th rank. (If this option is not taken, the right to do so later is forfeited). The siege-tower does not promote to other pieces as pawns do.

    I'll start a thread tomorrow for this game.

    This still leaves ZacharyChiaMin looking for an opponent. Anyone?


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