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Bulldog chess (another game)

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    Hi knig22,

    This is for our game. Here is the starting position. You can play whitehappy.png.

    From EvertVB's idea, I'm now using siege-towers (S) and not the bulldog image.  (Bulldogs weren't used in medieval war)


    To all:
    Please do not post any comments about this game here. I'd like to reserve this thread to just this game, and not go off-topic with suggestions, ideas, criticisms, etc.

    If you have any comments or ideas then please visit: (bull dog ideas).
    You can also see the rules at the same thread.happy.png
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    brainking2016 wrote:

    Hi, i much like this new diagram.

    Are there pieces that we can use to play on the board?

    Thanks, I'm glad you like the diagram! I don't have any physical pieces - only the graphical images I made.  The siege-tower was an idea from EvertVB.

    If you find any physical pieces to use (a small toy or some other idea?) please let me know what you find.happy.png

    Btw, I thought knig22 wanted to play a game but I haven't seen him here yet. Maybe I'll send him a message later to see if he still wants to play.

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    brainking2016 wrote:

    I saw you play Musketeer Chess vs the inventor of the game. My experience against him tells me he is strong, and you have to be very careful.

    Yes I'm playing musketeerchess in Musketeer Chess. I didn't know he invented the game (all by himself?)  I wonder if he has played all 10 new piece combinations. That's 10x10 = 100 new combinations before even the first move. Well, I will play the best I can!

    I'll see you (here) for a game between you and me!

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    knig22 wrote:

    ok good luck 1 f4

    And I'll play:



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    brainking2016 wrote:

    By the way, i think i'm going to invent Musketeer Chess2 with the variants using the same piece twice. Having two Hawks or Two Archbishops or two Unicorns will be awesome.

    I agree - I think two of the same new piece should be allowed. In chess there is a pair for every piece (except king and queen). Two unicorns would be great!

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    knig22 wrote:

     2 Nf3

    Your knights cannot reach Nf3 yet. That's a 2x2 jump, or a 3x2 jump. Remember this board has new notation (a-j) due to the new files. Please let me know your new movehappy.png

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    Thanks, I'll play:



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    That was fast. I'll play now:



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    After promotions, a 14 rook checkmate won't be easy.

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    AussieRookie wrote:

    After promotions, a 14 rook checkmate won't be easy.

    Did you mean to post that here? I don't know what you're talking about.frustrated.png

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    Looks like each side starts with 6 Rooks - promote 8 pawns and you've got 14 rooks.

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    AussieRookie wrote:

    Looks like each side starts with 6 Rooks.

    Lol, the little guys are small siege towers. The ones with sharp points are guards. You can see the rules here: (game rules)

    Hope you try this or some variant sometime!happy.png

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    knig22 wrote:

    5 Nd3



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    Wow, watch out vickalan for Ng6check

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