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Hallway Chess: @vickalan VS @PixelByPixel

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    Vickalan posted - "Not sure, but due to the smaller board, White might have a slight advantage in this game (or a little more than compared to normal chess)."


    I don't agree, I think the opposite is true. White's advantage is much smaller, black shoukd be able to draw pretty easily. I can't see a GM losing a game of this.

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    Good game, @vickalan ! I’m glad I got to play this.

    And 5 becomes 4...

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    I'd go further and say if this were properly analysed, opening theory would quickly find ways for black to force a draw. This variety of chess might be at its best right now, in its infancy, before anyone actually looks deeply into it.


    I mean, maybe even I can find an opening that draws for black. Let me take a look...

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    Ok if black opens with

    1... d6

    2... Bd7

    3... 0-0

    4... Ke8

    5... Rd8


    I don't see how white can break this fortress without giving up material, and that probably loses, rather than wins.


    I can't say for sure it's drawn, but I wouldn't enjoy being white against someone whose intent is to draw.


    I think white can only win if black tries to win, or is not competent enough to hold his defence.

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    We should test it
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    I refuse to play with the mindset of drawing. I'll play for a draw when all hope of victory is lost, but never from the start.


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