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New True 3D Chess

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    Dusts Mothballs Off Old Project.


    Alright I'm just going to admit I can't understand the last few posts with all the numbers, but given that my project basically starts with an interface for 3D chess that's less complex than looking at well, that...I'm going to push through that then collaborate further.

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    What don't you understand about the posts with the numbers?  I'd be happy to clarify.  They are coordinates in a 3 dimensional cube.  The red numbers are for one axis (let's call it x), the green numbers are for another (y), and the third is for the last (z).  One player will start with the red numbers numbering his files 1-7 (might as well make that player red), the second player will have the green numbers numbering his files (green player), then there is a blue player.

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    Just to clarify, none of the 3 players will start with his pieces parallel to another player.

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    Here is one possible starting position.  As you will notice, the placement of the pieces on the back rank is flexible.



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    If I could suggest making the project GNU, I might be able to help.  I really would like to be able to help.

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     Another possibility for aligning the numbers differently.  Is this easier to read?


    Of course, that is only one "red" plane.  I would have to update them all.

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    Is something like this more to your liking for communicating?  Obviously not for the finished product.


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    Personally, I think the way to do coordinates is to use mouseovers to see them.


    Without a doubt, we will need help visualizing how pieces move.  At the very least, selecting a piece will indicate where it moves. 

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    Or ...  (needs coordinates, but I've done enough for tonight)



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    Okay, now I'm really done for the night.


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