Rating in Chess960 versus Standard Chess

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    I've noticed that there is only one rating for matches and that is just for standard chess.  This just happened today: a player with a standard rating of 1900+ and Chess960 rating of 1200 could not join a Chess960 match for <1900.  I suggest that there be two ratings in creating matches: one for standard chess and another for Chess960. 

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    What I am referring to is the ratings reaquirement when you create a team match.  There is only one rating there, the standard rating. If the admininstrator places a <1900 there for a Chess960 match, a would-be participant who has a standard rating of 1910 cannot participate even if he only has a 1300 rating in Chess960.  What I propose then is if the match is for Chess960, the rating for Chess960 be used and not that for standard chess.

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