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Serious bad piece challenge

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    The demon can move like a pawn and captures your own army.It can be blocked and the piece blocking it can become a queen at will.It starts on e4/e5.This piece must be moved every 5 moves or you lose right away.It has to capture one of your own army pieces if it has to.( If your in check by 5 moves,it’s ok.Also,if you can’t move the demon,it’s okay.)
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    The demon is worth -10 points.( take 10 pouts from your material)
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    Oops, I mean points.
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    Don’t give back pieces!
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    Who are you, screechingelevator? A noob player, maybe?
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    I see your rapid chess rating is 676. Are you too scared?
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    You joining the challenge?Still too scared?
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    The Tree

    The Tree can move one step orthogonally, cannot capture, and can be captured. Having your Tree captured is of no further consequence.
    It's mandatory, always at the end of your turn, to have your Tree orthogonally adjacent to at least one friendly piece. So any move that does not result into this circumstance counts as illegal.
    A player who has no Tree does not have this obligation. A piece can give check despite being hampered by this obligation!

    (For further convenience, we will call a Tree without any orthogonally adjacent friendly piece an abandoned Tree. Moving your piece orthogonally adjacent to your abandoned Tree - or vice versa - will be referred to as reconnecting to your Tree.)

    All other rules of Chess apply, including rules regarding check, mate and stalemate.
    Exception: If a player is not in check, and has an abandoned Tree, and has no legal move to reconnect to his/her Tree, then it is not stalemate, but that player loses.

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    I've tried the Tree on the board in a quick testgame. It gives a strange new dynamic, but it's definitely worth trying in a real game.

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    evert823, I would be willing to play a game against you using the Tree. Perhaps in the Other Variants forum?

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    Yo-thats-fresh wrote:

    evert823, I would be willing to play a game against you using the Tree. Perhaps in the Other Variants forum?

    OK, are you interested in more additional pieces?

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    I've wanted to play with the Witch ever since I've seen it. The Guard would also be a nice addition, being able to keep itself by a Tree.

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    I kind of want to play a bulldog game but im a noob (only played one game)surprise.png

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    AndyAwesome1, I'll play you. I have played exactly zero games.

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    Yo-thats-fresh, I will soon create our thread.


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