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Simultaneous Moves chess

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    0sumPuzzlerDtoWL wrote:

    I got an idea for an RTS-TB hybrid version of chess. A true real-time strategy version like judo tends to be very fast paced like lightning chess and chaotic. This is not what I have in mind but do I'm at.


    Instead of pieces moving simultaneously with know knowledge of the other side's move, there is an indication, a time period for which to respond like in turn-based. There is different ways this could be implemented but they tend to work better on software with a GUI like online chess or an MMORPG rather than a traditional board game, although notation or verbal indicators could work in person as well.


    The 'simultanrous' aspect can come in to play by moving up to three of pieces on one half-turn (essentially three moves in one), as such: one or two of your choosing by default, optionally a third if it is adjacent to bone of your monarchs (Q or K, or perhaps by addition of another piece line General).


    As for the indication of incoming opponent's turn's move<s>: perhaps see the respective directions that they are headed but not destination squares of certainty, with exception maybe for knights as vector of its move would inform its exact destination square with no uncertainty so maybe just 'highlight' an opposing knight to be moved with out indicating its trajectory (not that you could block it; instead it would capture you, whereas other pieces would be blocked, depending on speed if this aspect is implemented and distance).  


    Might still be too chaotic.  A related idea I had was regarding direct attacks and captures, best exemplified in Kings. A king cannot move into or through check, as that would indicate or st least imply capture. But what if he could in the case of delivering Checkmate to opposing King? There could be other circumstances especially in an RTS version or hybrid variant.

    Well it seems like online strategic war game that was implemented in  board game.It seems there is someone's variant that called chezz :


    @OsumPuzzler, would you like to try my variant ?

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    Sure, I would be down to give yours a couple goes

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    Read the rules above.

    Send your first move to my inbox.Post "ok" sign if it have sent.


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