Pog Champs?


What is Pog champs and what does pog mean?


I do not know what Pog means, but I can tell you that PogChamps is a chess tournament hosted by Chess.com in which popular Twitch streamers compete for the title. The participants are mentored by coaches such as Hikaru, Botez, Naroditsky, and Zhou.


Thanks K_Simonson. Yeah I get the tournament and that, just don’t get the Pog bit. Pogs were these little cardboard discs we used to get free with Walkers crisps in the 90s, though obviously not the same thing.


Yea, Pog is an acronym I'm assuming, for what?

I am curious too.


There , and all emotes explained,) https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/pogchamp

and the emote of the man laughing LUL https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/lul


"PogChamp refers to an emote, a small image used in chats on the video game streaming platform Twitch, used to express shock, surprise, or excitement." - Google

Also, while we're on the subject of Pogchamp:


neesh wrote:

Yea, Pog is an acronym I'm assuming, for what?

I am curious too.

Pog means "Play Of the Game" and its used to express shock, surprise, or excitement. For example, if someone got a checkmate within the first moves, many people in a chat would say POG or used the emote. Hope that helped



The way people use the word Pog and the emote Pogchamp is used when something "awesome" or "cool" occurs or unexpectedly occurs but in a good way.  Used in such situations as a streamer pulling something off unexpectedly(winning a lost fight) , winning a fight, winning a game, doing a cool move.  There are other ironic ways it is used besides these but these are the main times it is used.