Looking for a team where I can become an admin and help a lot

scaryninja wrote:
BoboTheFlyingSheep67 wrote:

Hi ! Please join this amazing team ! Thanks so much! https://www.chess.com/club/the-super-fun-club

Will I become admin there?


If you invite members and join team matches then YES!!


Guys, please remember to make me admin in these clubs, if not then there is no reason to post here and I will just quit the club

Champions2007 wrote:
Champions2007 wrote:
scaryninja wrote:

Needs to be:

200+ Members

Less than 7 admins

Plays vote chess and daily matches

The Great Chess Kingdom




You can be admin


Join here for fun, chess n’ chilling. This is a great place that you could become an admin in if your're helpful and active. We are currently growing at a rate of 50 members a day; at this rate we will hit 1000 members in 20 days! But this won't be possible without YOU. We also have some titled players in the club! P.S. if you join and message me I will give you 5 trophies. Join today! https://www.chess.com/club/the-paradigm


Being more busy with other clubs now, so I will have to make the min members 500 if you want me to be admin in yours

Junior_Mars1 wrote:

Here, "The Check-Maters" meets all the requirements except for 200 members. We only have 161, but just letting you know, we would definitely accept another admin like you.

I would take you up on that offer.

I am a very active member


Join TheLegendaryChessers.


I suggest you NAMASTE https://www.chess.com/club/namasteacute