# of blocked players


I was wondering how long other players  blocked players lists are? I block players for being rude or playing like utter idiots. (sacing your queen on move 4 in 1 min is being an idiot_) although the vast majority are for being rude

I am working on my second page


i disable the chat,people should shut up and play.


Well as the saying goes, Who cares?


I have none blocked. I simply have a list of those I will not play, and I refer to it when considering joining tournaments. 

Live is different. I'm surprised, Tony, that at your level you are still encountering s**t talkers. Many of us well below your play have a difficult enough time thinking about our next move, or, our plan, to talk trash-especially when the clock is ticking.


i dont disable because there are some nice people and if someone is rude i dont want to bother with them,.

glad we havent played then yet alex. 

Bigbossml wrote:

i disable the chat,people should shut up and play.

Agree here but can be useful for the odd comment if your opponent makes a good move :-)


It's amusing playing those queen sac people. you just force the trade of pieces and collect your points easily.

i do block but only for trolls. and at our high levels there are still a ton of trash talkers and trolls. in fact once i remember that a 2100 I barely squeaked by with a win repeatedly trashed talked me on my notes and on the threads i post. some people just get so p.o'd at you they stalk you, call you names. 


There have been a few (well, at least one) who've run up against the upper limit of 200 the site has imposed (and then complained about it).


Zero blocks.


in 1 min it has a purpose but a useless one. its like a whimpy excuse. Oh i lost because I played a crappy opening. Oh i won because you are so bad agianst my crappy opening ... arent I great! not worth my time

the site really needs an auto chat flag of some sort people are really abusive here.


A bit less, but I have 5 (or 6) people blocked right now..

I don't block people who sac their Queen. If it's a 1 min game, giving away the Queen can be understood.


again, is totally useless... the point is to build pattern recognition. if someone wants to play moves like that they can play someone else. Why waste time on something like that 

I dont mind the time scramble at the end but sacing in the first 5 moves....? really?


NONE.....as i enjoy giving it back.....hehe...so if anyone is abusive or rude, i enjoy giving it back to him/her....and the best thing is after all that challenge them to a game and win it....hehee....so i dont mind getting into abusive or rude arguements/banter :)


Maybe by not judging everyone against your standards instead is a good way to start shortening that list. I am new here, but I don't think you have any right to call others names. There was a time you made mistakes like that too. 

In spite of the above, I must congratulate you as my first blocked player TonyH.


Don't mock religion, that makes no sense to me.


I just block trolls, for it only makes sense. I dont like people mocking others and that is all that trolls do, besides ruining forums


You have a bogus coaching profile. You should learn to play before you offer to teach others. Not sure what the point of your comment is. I am going to block you either way.

Pawnpusher3 wrote:

I just block trolls, for it only makes sense. I dont like people mocking others and that is all that trolls do, besides ruining forums

I see you still have problems with the truth.

I asked in your notes if you would include your real USCF rating in your coach profile for the sake of honesty and you immediately deleted it and blocked me.

I guess for some it's easier to call someone a troll rather than come to terms with their own shortcomings.

Some background:


starting at #53.


I fully support goldendog.


I really do not care what you think as long as my students are happy and improving. Which they all are. Thank you very much. Now this forum is about blocked users, not my coaching, so get on topic, or I'll just request that the staff remove your posts... Again for they are inappropriate for this forum