A little hypothetical situation for you...

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    Hi, I just wondered , if you were to watch all the video lessons here, read all the articles and always use TT and CM-

    How strong would you end up?

    ( Chess strength and no smart remarks about having too much time on your hands :-)

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    It depends on whether or not you actually learned anything that you can apply.

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    Without time to digest all that information, and practical application, you may not improve much.

    There are many skills that need to be improved to get a strong rating...

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    You have too much time on your hands.

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    You have too much hands on your time.

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    dpruess wrote:

    yeah it must be asked: on what time schedule, did you sleep, did you eat well, etc. to know how much of the information you would have processed, and how many skills you would actually acquire. in theory if you did everything "well", and followed all the advice and practical suggestions from the teachers, and did all the exercises or self-study they tell you to, you'd probably be a GM or close to it. depending on your talent you'd probably find yourself somewhere between 2450 and 2750 fide.

    It depends upon your own ability to comprehend, as well as your learning style. As with things that aren't chess.

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    Lol, good pic

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    You can read all book in the world and still be just as stupid as you was before. But if you discuss them, you will become wise.

    If you remember all opening moves in the Najdorf and begin to play it over 1.. e5! when your rating is 1000, you would probably lose 50 rating points. If you understod why the moves are played, you would hit 2000 within a year. However, to understand, you will have to play it, which gives PRACTICAL experience. If I know all the variations after all theoretical Nd5! sacrifices, but never got the courage to play them, I would gain 0 rating for my effort. However if I studied some pawn structures, and tried to follow the principles, I would gain rating, even with 800 rating. Because then the tactics would slowly (very slowly) begin to favour me, and that would be nice.

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    Depends how much you play. If you don't play, you'll probably won't get much farther than 1800 strength-wise...

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    Hmmm true. Supposing you spend 2 hours a day playing and 3 using the site, combining with a healthy diet and good sleeping, where would you end up?

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