ALL Members: Your Games Analyzed on at 10 AM Pacific Today!

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       Hey everyone!

       The return of Your Games Analyzed last week on hosted by GM Magesh Panchanathan was a great success with a large audience of viewers, an active and respectful chat room, and a great game which was submitted for analysis. This week, we get to do it all again, this time, the show is open to ALL Members and starts at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern/6 PM London time today, Tuesday April 17th.

       Those of you who are new to the, the show is pretty basic. In the beginning of the broadcast, the Host asks a trivia question (normally about chess) and the first one to answer correctly in the chat gets to have one of their games analyzed in depth by the Host. Now the game could be an OTB game or tournament game recently played, a LIVE Chess or a Online Chess game here or at another site (boooo!), or perhaps even against a computer opponent such as Fritz or Rybka.

       For the rules and guidelines of the Chat, please observe the blog posted a few weeks back and adhere to them out of respect for the Host, the members in chat, and especially the person getting their game analyzed.

       Thanks everyone!


       -Super Admin of the Official Group & Chat Moderator

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