Any of you play a GM?

KruChris wrote:

I had 2 lessons by GM Gerhard Schebler (when living in Thailand). Excellent value, less than $ 20 back then. 


TBH, I suck, big time and wonder, what makes higher ated players crush beginners. Is that an ego thing?

id say the same reason people do it in any game because it's easy and fun.

KeSetoKaiba wrote:
BrolyLegendarySayian wrote:

simuls? like a simulation? I meant actually face them themselves.

Ha. I used to think the same years ago. "Simul" is short for "simultaneous" and not "simulation." 

A chess simul is where a strong player (typically a titled player) plays multiple games at the same time. Usually the room is set up with tables, chess boards and chairs around the perimeter of the room. The titled player stands in the center of the room, then makes a move at board 1; walks over to board 2, makes a move and so on in a circle. Some simuls involve many players playing the titled player at once; "many" easily being 30+ players at once.

thanks for sharing that I did not know they had a special name for that

InigoJones wrote:

Play a GM?

I prefer Lc0 over Stockfish but either is usually available if I wish to get crushed.

Its pretty good seeing them beat each other though.

Lc0 vs Stockfish

it's not fun getting crushed by them because they are machines and know everything I find it more fun going against humans that could slip up or not see a move your going for human matches are much more unpredictable 


I played Suat Atalik in a blitz game yesterday.