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Any sparring groups?

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    I was wondering if there are any groups on chess.com that are mostly for sparring each other and analyzing games? It seems like people ask for sparring partners on here a lot and it is something I could see being very useful.

    I tried to search through the groups for one but there are tons of groups and I didn't see one.

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    Don't know of any groups, but would not mind a sparring partner to also help improve my games.  What do you say?  Wanna play?



  • #3

    Send me a message and we can setup an unrated game that we can also analyze after.


    I will take the lack of other responses to indicate that there likely isn't such a group on chess.com

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    You could always create a group for sparring, maybe others would see the value of a group centred on sparring and join up.


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