are there virus on


Virus or unwanted program 'HTML/Crypted.Gen [virus]'

avira antivir result!


what????? I don't think so...


do a search through the forums. there are a number of discussions about this issue. to answer your question, "No there is no virus."

Baseballfan is clean, here is an explination why your program might be reporting otherwise --


false positive. anti-virus programs identify "known" viruses through a library. they also detect "suspicious" files through algorithms and heuristics. these can often be wrong. why does this happen? well we have extremely complicated javascript code that determines where your mouse is so that you can move chess pieces around the board. that can look a little suspicious to some AV programs. :)


actually i dont care, but it got sticked to my mind.

thanks for the explanation...


maybe but it can only spread and grow if we think about it......