Arranged draws in CC tournament -- OK?


One of the tournaments I'm running had a pair of players agree to draw both of their games on move 2.  Is this a violation of any rules?  One of the other players in the tournament brought it to my attention.

Don't go looking up the tournament to name players though, that potentially breaks the naming and shaming rule.  I'm just interested in your thoughts on it.  If it's thought to be a violation, I'll handle the reporting.  Wink


sounds bad


When I played over the board USCF about40 years ago there were times in a 5 round tournament that my friend and I would score 4 straight wins and then be paired against each other and then usually draw but we had no agreement--we just did not try very hard to win.

There was one time this senario did not work as I lost a game and after 4 rounds--my friend had 4-0 and I had 3-1 and was paired with him. I had black pieces.  Before the game he was hoping for a friendly draw but I told him I was playing for a win.  This upset him but we played and I won and thu there was a 3 way tie for first place with scores of 4-1.

We never agreed to a very early draw.


It may not be cheating, but it sure is a crappy way to advance thru a tournament.  I mean, what's the point?


There's always Sofia rules.


In my last tournament I had a draw in 7 moves, we had more time on our clocks than we started with due to the 30 second increment. I hadn't been playing well and we were in a sharp line, and my higher rated opponent offered a draw: I couldn't find a reason to decline.