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Awesome new site idea - openings trainer

  • #1

    Well, i really do like tactics trainer and i think an opening trainer one that would have you make a move in the opening and tell you better moves... eh just a thought

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    nice but ideas and theory in opening are always changing and largely opinionated most of the time so just like opening books it wont be of most help.

  • #3

    Yeah, but we can surely agree which ones are just positionally better... or when your making an obviosoly bad mistake... i admit it would really be mostly for new players though

  • #4

    They have something like this already for several openings, as individual courses in Chess Mentor.

  • #5

    We have "plans" (very loose) for a "repertoire manager," which is in the same general area as the OP's suggestion. I'm not sure when we'll get to it, but it will be a cool addition.


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