Bobby Fischer my chess hero


Hey guys i wanted to post someting about my chess hero Booby fischer.

So today i finished the book My 60 Memorable Games - Bobby Fischer

. And i wanted to say that i am simply amazed by his games his analyzes his notes and his ability to admit his mistakes.(forgive me my english not perfect.) First of all he became grandmaster at the age of 15, and his first candidate tournament was in 1959 in Yugoslavia  finishing 5-6th Beating Paul Keres, Vasily Smyslov and others. But Letting Tal of the hook and lost.

                            Tigran Petrosian -Bobby Fischer.


Now lets see my favorite game by Fischer in the Candidates,Yugoslavia 1959 



 A classic!! i will never forget this game or any game from his My 60 Memorable Games 

For those guys who have made this book all over the end i am sure they were intersted in every game in every note in every move that Fischer made they just stare at it and think why he made it? For what Propose? 

Another Masterpiece by my chess hero i enjoyed.Note that i copy the games from the i just write the text otherwise it will be too difuclt to add move by move :)

Please note that in the games that i will show, i put some of the notes only.This is not the all notes of the game. Its just i am too lazy to put them all Frown 


 1960 Bobby Fischer Olympiades Leipzig 


I really like 1960 Bobby Fischer Style.And his ability to make something outta nothing. From doing his best 60 games from 1957-1967 and ofc his games in the internet.I think i came to conclusion about his style his strongest side and weakest side( Please note this is just my opinion. i might be wrong  or not even close but its just my own opinion) I will try to show it by his games below.

Of-course showing his 3 best skills cant be shown just by 1 game, some of the 3 games he was very young but still played Brilliantly but u will get the point :) 

1... Brilliant Endgame technique 

2...Differ the weakneses.

3... Tactical thinking 


I can Talk about Fischer a lot but its really late here 02:56 am.

From his early ages i really like him as a human and as a chess player but when he won the World champion Title he despaired. And then he changed a lot with this Racism think and so on.  if i was at that time chess player and seeing Fischer will not play until 1992 Match against Spassky! :O i cant imagine. 

So guys what do u think about all this and why do u think he left the chess world after becoming World champion? And why he was so good at chess? Thanks 





I play honestly and I play to win. If I lose, I take my medicine.-Bobby Fischer
I felt that chess... is a science in the form of a game... I consider myself a scientist. I wanted to be treated like a scientist. -Bobby Fischer

That’s what Chess is all about. One day you give your opponent a lesson, the next day he gives you one” (Bobby Fischer)

I give 98 percent of my mental energy to chess. Others give only 2 percent.--Bobby Fischer

My hero is Petrosian and he was positional genius, but Fischer's play was on a whole other level. You said it before, he knew how to create something out of nothing, which is simply amazing. I'm looking forward to read My 60 memorable games. happy.png


Yes Petrosian was true Genius too! i strongly recommend to take a big look at this book :)






Nice Quote! Kinghunter! :)




But remember - they ain't heroes - they didn't save anyone.


Senior-Lazarus_Long  Nice video! :)

AussieRookie wrote:

But remember - they ain't heroes - they didn't save anyone.

Of course they did.


He was a genius, and he will be forever one of the best chess players in this world.


i wish to answer that "why he was so good in (at) chess"

first of all.. he loved chess! he wanted, wanted to discover everything on the board.  His sight was also different from others. all about his i think was interest of scene. really, he wanted to know everything on the board.


Agree Zurvey!


palivec yes its sad that he left so early but he did left big legacy behind him.Do u think that every guy can become like Fischer if he study chess 24/7?


i dont think a bit talant, but a giant talant is needed ):


Hello friend, as I know you admire Bobby Fisher , here I pass the link to a newspaper article. The problem is that is written in Spanish , but with the advancement of technology , you can translate it without any problems.


Thank you OdragyR!!


Fantastic article! It would be wonderful to some more of Fischer's games analyzed!


Thanks buddy! (: