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Buying 1800+ Troll Dolls

  • #1

    Christmas present for myself.

    I will eat them all and thus gain ultimate trolling powers.

    Will pay 40 Panamanian Balboas per doll.

    Email spamspamspam@thisthread.com in case this gets SHOT IN THE FACE!!!!

  • #2

    Well, it's interesting, if we'd give you a 2500+ rated account, how many games would it take you to bring it back to 1800?

  • #3

    What, are you talking about chess or something?  Who cares about that stupid game anyway?

  • #4

    I think he meant the dolls. If we gave you 2500 troll dolls you'd just lose a bunch of them.

  • #5

    Well, it's hard to ship so many items at once, and my cat would probably destroy a few, but I think I could eat a hefty amount before they all wander off somewhere.

  • #6

    This is totally legit guys!  I received the balboas within 3 days after the transaction.  Great condition too although they all seem to sleep an unusual amount.  Must be nocturnal since I never see them moving during the day. 

    Overall: 5/5 seller


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