Wage-Slave wrote:

The chatterbox award is given when you reach 10000 points, you earn a point everytime you publish an article, or send someone a message, or reply in a forum, right now, I just earned 1 point for answering your question here. You've got 1000 points and thus got the Megaphone award, now you need more 9000 points to get chatterbox, is one of the most difficult award there are around. To see how many points you have, go to "home", and "profile". Is the far right, alongside with your followers.

True happy.png I think I got around 2000 not too shabby


Idk how i got that much


There are members with 100,000+ points, so it's quite achievable; you simply have to be active for a while.

IMO, the site should remove points altogether... would be effective in bringing down some spamming.