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Just out of interest, do you have the same anti-cheating measures on the Facebook version of as on the main site? It's just that the top player on there doesn't seem to have any chess presence (according to Google) outside of Facebook, yet has managed to amass these statistics:

Played 121

Won 120

Lost  0

Drawn  1.


The third ranked player has also played 181, losing none and drawing 1.


Pretty impressive, isn't it?


What do you mean, officially rated?


there's a guy on facebook named delsink, its even worse.....  in his first 12 games he lost 6, and then he went on a 500 game winning streak.... FAT CHANCE!!!


Very fat chance.......probably is memicking the moves of a computer of some sort set to the highest difficulty level.


People are so dishonest these days. I just don't see what fun and challenge mimiking a program is, it has to get boring after so long...