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    I wanted to let the community know that we are working on a site-wide design overhaul. What does this mean? 

    1. The site will have a more updated, modern look (example: )
    2. The site will be internationalized (you will be able to use it in your native language!)
    3. The site will be faster as we have upgraded the code and templates. 

    I just wanted to give you a headsup on it so you can start complaining about the change :P


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    ha ha. Let the complaining begin, just like when Facebook changes things around.

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    What?!!!  After a year, I was finally starting to figure out the old site.  Will that do for a start?  I know I haven't set the bar very high, but it was the best I could come up with.Wink

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    ... let me be the first to start complaining about the CHANGE! cos soon there will be little or no CHANGE in my pocket! How much do we have to pay for these CHANGES!

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    This looks awful. Step backwards. A slap in the face of your longtime supporters.

    etc. etc.

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    I certainly hope does a better job of upgrading than GMail did, but I'm very optimistic not least of all because GMail did such a crappy job of "upgrading" which included replacing words with confusing icons I guess for the benefit of illiterate users.

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    I like how there is a share drop down menu. :)

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    I look forward to it. Hm maybe add a like button too! :-) Mahalo!

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    I have a few questions.

    1. When will the changes take effect?
    2. Will it stop us from creating our own backgrounds?
    3. Why does it look like something from "Live" chess?
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    I like the threads in the "More Recent Posts" section in that screenshot.

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    I'm pleased with several of the changes:

    • The ability to decide which direction the knights face depending on the situation,
    • The person playing White decides what music will be played. I'm not sure about the rationale for banning Celine Dion though.
    • I think the standardization of terminology will be welcomed, e.g. "gg."
    • Naming a Chess Player of the Past Eight Days seems like a great idea but it's unclear why you decided on an eight day period.
    • Animated pawns seems like fun but may prove too distracting. Their smile seems a bit artificial and the hopping and spinning maybe a bit much. I do like the morphing into a Queen though.
    • I like the idea that the sound effect for a piece move is determined by your opponent. I'm sure you will add to the selection of sounds. I would like to see a "flush" sound.
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    Zhane wrote:

    I have a few questions.

    When will the changes take effect? Will it stop us from creating our own backgrounds? Why does it look like something from "Live" chess?

    1. Very soon! (Not 100% sure.)

    2. No, you can still create your own themes.

    3. Because Live Chess has already been updated to accord with the new overall look!

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    I like how all chess players are stupid :)

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    also, I am hoping that the new design would give a chance to organise tournament-page better. An option to separate tournaments that you are still in from tournaments you have already dropped out.

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    ouch that looks terrible.. oh no wait, it actually looks rather nice, well done 

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    Nice, design for the website. Can't wait for the changes!


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    They apparently been working on this for months....

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