Conditional moves on app


Yes there are pretty obvious problems with the conditional move options (there should also be a true premove in daily, i.e.  makes a move regardless of what your opponent does)

ianeiloart wrote:

I want to make a request regarding conditional moves. The problem is that while exploring lines with the conditional moves tool, you can get caught if your opponent makes a move while you're still considering what to do in that line. 


Ideally there would be a way to explore the lines before committing the moves. A "save" button would be the obvious thing. 

You are essentially saving the move in the conditional section when you make it. If you want to explore lines, you have to use the analysis function and then go to conditional to enter moves.



Yes this would still be great...



2021 and still no conditional moves!?


I'd pay extra for conditional moves in the app


why i can't post a thread why and why as a new one here lock me from posting thread??