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    everything seems to be bigger, or zoomed in

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    What are you talking about joeyson?
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    i dont know
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    Lay off the acid man. It will really mess you up.
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    awesome, dude.
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    just go with the flow man
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    It might be that you held down the control button on your keyboard while trying to scroll with the mouse...that increases text size.
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    Yeah, things I would suggest:

    1) Close out the web browser and re-open it

    2) Restart your computer and then try viewing the webpage again

    3) uninstall the web browser then re-install it

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    Well you could throw your computer away and get a new one, or try one of these ideas posted. I suggest trying one of the other things. My guess is you made your text size bigger on accident, easy to fix. Try what medievalchess said if that doesn't work try what MattHelfst said and if none of that works come on back and let us know and perhaps we can think of something else.
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    Ay, ay, ay!

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