Debate: What to call "Online Chess"...

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    Technical chess works for me.

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    The name has been changed to "Daily Chess." It's a stupid name. But, as H. Nakamura likes to say, "it is what it is."

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    It's a mile better than "Online Chess," but still incredibly stupid to invent a new name for it.

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    When I hover the cursor over "PLAY" the box drops down and it still calls it "Online Chess"

    Where has the name changed?

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    In V3

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    End of.

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    V4 will jump v3, much as Windows 10 will jump 9, then online chess will have a new name, but nobody will care. 

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    That must be a V3 thing then, because my stats still reference "Online" and I won't deal with V3 until I absolutely have to (when the site is confident enough in it not being a bunch of bugs to make it the one version of the site that exists).

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