Debate: What to call "Online Chess"...

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    frizerfrizer wrote:
    Bex1p wrote:

    Notice that all suggestions contain "chess"? there could be something to that you know........

    How about these?  "Chess, Chess, and More Chess!"  "Chess When You Want It!"  "Chess All the Time -- 24 Hour Chess!"

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    This forum has been out for 3 years... I doubt they're ever going to change the name.

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    Technically speaking, all chess played on is on line chess.

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    Technical chess works for me.

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    The name has been changed to "Daily Chess." It's a stupid name. But, as H. Nakamura likes to say, "it is what it is."

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    It's a mile better than "Online Chess," but still incredibly stupid to invent a new name for it.

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    When I hover the cursor over "PLAY" the box drops down and it still calls it "Online Chess"

    Where has the name changed?

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    In V3

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    End of.

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    V4 will jump v3, much as Windows 10 will jump 9, then online chess will have a new name, but nobody will care. 

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    That must be a V3 thing then, because my stats still reference "Online" and I won't deal with V3 until I absolutely have to (when the site is confident enough in it not being a bunch of bugs to make it the one version of the site that exists).

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