Debate: What to call "Online Chess"...


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Turn Based seems appropiate.

Shippen wrote:

Turn Based seems appropiate.

Very true but not sexy enough.  How about Slow Death Chess.




This is an old thread, and I know my term is not catchy, but I use it anyhow for my bookmark of "day per move", which is a catch all for 1,2,3,4,5 days per move.  Of course one can move in 5 minutes, and other terms are more compact to type and say; maybe other abbreviations could be made.  TB, (turn-based)  CorreChess, Dayper Chess, etc.


How about Daze Chess.  an intentional blur of "days" when one can get a day to make his move. etc.


I had an idea, but it failed :(

What is the opposite of blitz?

No words found.


Opposite of blitz - Sloth?  Lethargy?  Indolence?  Slug chess!


"Languid Chess?"  

"Torpid Chess?"

"Hey, man, Chill, OK?" Chess

"Now?  Hell, no! I've got 3 Whole Forking Days, so I say 'Let 'em Wait!' " Chess

"What's your hurry? --- Where's the "Fire? .... License and Registration Please" Chess


Geological Chess

Evolutionary Chess

Time Lapse Chess

Got A Life Chess


Laughing!  --though for some of us, "Got a Life Chess" might be wishful thinking ...Wink

(Just a joke! Smile! I always say, If you can't laugh at other people, who Can you laugh at?)


That's the same thing one of my heroes said... Smile

("And just remember:  if you can't laugh at yourself...make fun of other people.")


Great minds ......


...dont belong here.


question: "What is the opposite of blitz?"

answer: Chess.

motherinlaw wrote:

Great minds ......

...have great behinds.  Sorry I couldn't resist, my neighbor once say that to me. Smile


Since the only thing that is different between online chess and "live" chess is the amount of time, I think Multi-Day Chess works best. As you play in multiples of days.

Correspondence chess makes as much sense as calling live chess OTB chess. I'm as far away from the server for live chess as I am for online chess. So distance isn't relevant. And I'm also sending and receiving a message to the server in live chess as I would in online chess. (I can even turn my computer off and log back in later in a live chess game. Something else that doesn't separate it from online chess.)


If you want correspondence as the term, then ANY online turn-based game could have that added to the beginning.

Correspondence backgammon. Why not?


I supposed if you were forced to check your mail to see if it was your move I could understand. I just come back to the site and continue that way.

The only real difference between live chess and online chess is live chess doesn't have a submit button. (Although it should in the premove area, along with deleting a move instead of having to delete the entire line.)


"No-Hurry-Take-Your-Time-to-Get-It-Off-Your" Chess




The internet is not the Pony Express, but electronic communications are correspondence whether through direct person-to-person messages or via a website. Hence correspondence chess can be played online just as it has been played via telegraph, post card, and email.