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Defeat the Impossible Computer?

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    I won :D

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    khpa21 COULD END THE GAME MUCH EARLIER AT MOVE #27. Rb4, this will force the black rock to move, the white queen will be moved to a2 mate, or the black rock will be taken by the white rock to allow a stronger situation to the white queen to attack at a2 mate.


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    I beat it tonight.  Just for giggles I put it on impossible mode and had my best game ever.  lol   Did something unorthodox and really opened up my attack early.  I saved game but not sure where to find file.  My king was threatened early and I used it to take his knight and land on f3 where it stayed then entire game.  Pretty quick game.  Damn I wish I had record of it.  Looked and it doesn't look like it exists.  This is Free Chess program.   

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    It's strange the OP got his account closed right after that win. Probably a violation of FPP. I knew that win was too good.


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