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Deliberate AFKing

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    I was playing a game today and I had a clear advantage. A rook and seven pawns to his pawn. The time format was 10|0. With 6 minutes left on his clock, obviously realizing that it was a lost position, he said "by" and neglected to move. It would appear that he was happily letting his clock run out out of spite; to waste more of my time. This is not the first time this has happened to me. This is unsporting behaviour and I don't think it is fair. Is there anything that can be actively done about this by the player who has to wait to win his game (I know about the violation of the fair play policy)? It is really frustrating.

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    Hi my dear friend

    Ye, it sometimes occurs but the structure of this game lets these events. I have a solution for that which can reverse the situation (sometimes). You can only move the your king without wasting time. Monitoring the movement of King is much easier and time-consuming than for example moving the horse. You can reach him/her?? It could work?? :))

    Changing the rule is a difficult matter to be done. What do u think?

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    Simply start a new game and just let the old one run. There's no reason to wait 6 minutes for the win.

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    Happens. Get over it, add him to your blocked players list and enjoy the fact that you've annoyed him so much he's gone off to sulk.

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    If he/she does not move, let him take the emotional advantage for this time and then u can report him/her.

    But when he/she blocks the fronts by his/her pawns and does not let u win the game while the time is in favor of him/her, then u can apply the above-mensioned work.

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    By the way, this unfair action was performed due to test their chance to win by an unwanted bout of disconnection. It is really unfair ...Frown


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