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Difficult puzzle

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    spawkle529 wrote:

    To find one answer. Its like finding a pin in a hay stack

    Yes, its very difficult like finding a pin in a hay stack. LoLCool

    However, according to me that all solutions are correct. None of the solutions could be considered the most correct, because at the beginning of the thread, you don't give clear limits and information about the requirements that must be met.

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    That doesn't really work, black can play 2...a4

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    this puzzle i think will work spawkle i changed it a little bit so now i think there is only one checkmate.  there is probably different ways, but try cheackmat in 4.

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    jmiester07 -it's  mate in three!After 1.Rh4 a4  White is waiting(2.K:g2 or
    Rook moves on h file 2.Rh2(h3,h5,h6,h7)).Then Black Rook moves and is
    captured with checkmate.

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    Let's make a slight modification in first diagram(post#1)
    Mate in three

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    yes winterberger it is mate in 3 also i just made it a little different so that there was not so many checkmates.  persanaly i like the Rh8 gxh8, Qxh8 checkmate.


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